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TED Workspace

A rapidly expanding company named TED Conferences LLC needed a new workspace to help their diverse team continue their innovative vision of global knowledge sharing. This is the story of how I helped TED (yes, that TED) to grow and ideas to spread.



TED Conferences LLC, purveyors of the globally influential TED Talks


Myself, plus a principal architect, 2 junior architects, consulting engineers, a building code consultant, a furniture fabricator, a cabinet maker, and the general contractor.

My role

Project architect responsible for research, ideation, and prototyping and coordinating with stakeholders through all phases of design, construction, and post-occupancy iterations.  


14 month initial project with post-occupancy iterations and expansions over 6 years

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The Challenge

Transform 10,000 square feet of raw, former industrial, office space into TED's global headquarters.

The Opportunity

TED needed a workspace to foster individual creativity and allow teams of different sizes and needs to collaborate and share effectively.

The Solution

We co-created a space with TED that was flexible and adaptable to various types of work and collaboration and was a pleasant and comfortable place to be.

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