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All Ride

What barriers prevent people of all ages and abilities from making a bicycle part of their transportation toolkit, and how can we make it an option for everyone? 



Self-initiated research project


Yours truly, with mentor feedback

My Role

Research, data synthesis, ideation


May 2021 — ongoing through summer 2021 


Cities around the world are rediscovering the humble bicycle as a potent and efficient transportation tool. New York City has seen a modest bicycle renaissance, which was accelerated by the pandemic, as more and more people are getting on two wheels to get where they're going. The benefits of the bicycle—to individuals, to communities, and to the planet—are well-established, and New York is poised for transformative change. I wanted to understand what barriers were preventing New Yorkers with varying riding habits and experience from rom choosing to ride a bicycle for transportation.

Project Statement

People want a safe, comfortable, and convenient way to move around the city and get where they're going

Project Goal

Make it easier and more appealing for all New Yorkers to choose a bicycle for some of their transportation needs


I'm using semi-structured interviews and existing transportation research to identify common attitudes and behaviors around bicycle riding as transportation across a range of New Yorkers with varying levels of experience and comfort getting on a bike..


I'm recruiting 15-20 people in total across several behavior categories: those that have biked a long time; those new to biking; those who tried and gave up; and those who haven't, or don't want to, try.

Discussion Guide

My inquiries will focus on participant's transportation habits, where a bicycle fits into that picture, and what factors influence their decisions and behviors

Desk Research

I'm researching bicycle riding in cities across the world, as well as in New York, to better understand some common factors that influence riding behaviors


I'm actively recruiting interview participants. You can see (or fill out!) the screener survey here.



Please get in touch if you'd like to know more about this project! I'd be happy to share where I am in the process and the research tools I'm using.

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