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Hello, I'm Carl.


I'm a senior-level architect (the spaces & buildings kind) pivoting to design research and strategy.


I'm energized by the power of human centered design to create meaningful, accessible, and equitable experiences and improve people's lives.




Why design research?

My journey to design research has evolved as I've experienced the world through the eyes on my son, with insatiable curiosity. I want to know a lot about a lot and help people make things better. 

Some of areas of particular interest to me are :

Healthy aging: how to make getting older

Spatial equity and 

Food equity



Transportation & Mobility

I believe mobility is a human right, alongside housing, education, and healthcare; and that access (or lack of it) is a statement of a society's values and its commitment to its citizens.


Smart Cities

The advance of technology represents opportunity for cities as well as enormous risk. A fair and equitable city seeks to co-create these kinds of public goods with its residents (eg its users).


All Ages & Abilities

I'm a new father with aging parents in a society that too often marginalizes the very young and the very old. I believe when we design with these groups' needs in mind, everyone benefits.

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